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Discover Africa Safaris Tours is a bespoke African safari specialist who plans and co-ordinates tailor made stunning African Safari experiences to the best Incredible destinations and Accommodations, Africa has to offer. At Discover Africa Tours, we pride ourselves in passion for Africa, wildlife,  and its people. 

Our Safari experiences range from Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and DR. Congo, Wildlife Safaris, Bird watching Safaris, Chimpanzee Trekking Tours, Culinary Tours, Cultural encounters, Hiking / Nature walks, wildebeest Migration Safari Tours, Hot air balloon safaris, and many more.

Let’s plan for you Group Tours , Solo Traveller Tours, family tour experiences to discover Africa’s hidden treasures in Destinations like Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Burundi , Tanzania, Kenya, Zanzibar, South Sudan, intriguing wildlife, and with secluded Accommodations / lodges.

Discover Africa

A safari Tour is a once in a lifetime experience. From the wild natural landscapes to the magnificent wildlife that roam the land, Africa is a destination for those looking for adventure like no other. Discover Africa Safaris Tours organizes the most memorable safaris in Africa. Traveling with your own Expert Tour guide. Our tailor-made safaris acknowledge you to enjoy every moment.

Why Travel with Discover Africa Safaris Tours

We offer tailor-made tours that are designed to give you the best possible value to make your African safari Tour experience a significant one. As a Trusted tour operator, we are happy to personalize your trip budget and package according to your needs.

Tailor Made Trips

We can tailor-make safaris tours to suit your needs, aspirations and interests. Right from wildlife Safaris , Hiking Safaris , Birding Safaris , Gorilla Tours , Cultural Tours etc

Authentic Information

we provide all the information required to help you prepare for your trip, from guidance on visas, vaccinations, currency and how much to tip.

Responsible Travel

We endeavor to promote ecotourism. That is why all our safaris are combined with other highlights that aim at promoting nature, culture and conservation in the destinations.


We are passionate about tour & travel ; our aim is not to make a sale out of you, but to inspire you to go out and discover these amazing parts of the world

Discover Africa Safaris Tours

Discover Uganda Safaris Tours

Discover the Pearl of Africa with Discover Africa Safaris Tours. Uganda, the  pearl of the African Continent, is pure and unaffected by mass tourism. It is a popular hot spot of tourist destinations for Primates Tours (Uganda Gorilla trekking / Chimpanzee tracking tours) , safari holidays, wildlife tours, cultural tours, walking & nature safaris, vacation holidays for adventure, and Luxury Uganda Safari packages.

There are many places to visit when planning a safari in Uganda; ten national parks that have been gazetted, each having a special quality. Combining the various locations will give you a complete Uganda tour experience. They consist of the following;

 Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park– which is also well-known for gorilla trekking, Murchison falls national park – the biggest national park in Uganda, known for its exceptional biodiversity , Kibale forest national park – primarily home to chimpanzees, it is referred to as the “primates Capital” in the world, Queen Elizabeth national park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Uganda’s second-largest national park , Kidepo valley national park – True African wildlife safaris, Mgahinga gorilla national park – is the only Destination to observe Golden Monkeys and the alternative option for gorilla trekking, Lake Mburo national park – Whispers of the Wild.

Wildlife Adventures in Uganda are lifetime safari activity that you can hardly forget. Lets create these memories for you in the best way possible

Discover Top Uganda Travel Destinations

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Discover Rwanda Safaris Tours

One of the best wildlife Expeditions that tourists can partake in when they intend to visit East Africa is a Rwanda safari tour. Since Rwanda is a fortunate nation that has recently attracted the attention of the entire world, many tourists have flocked there to experience Rwanda on a Rwanda safari and learn more about the country’s attractive features, the main draw of which is undoubtedly gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. Experience the thrill of gorilla trekking in Rwanda along with other attractions that help to make Rwanda such a wonderful travel destination when you explore Rwanda with us. Your fantasy Rwanda wildlife safari tour and Rwanda gorilla trekking tour will be guided by Rwanda Safari Tour, Rwanda Tour, or Rwanda Safaris, which will take you to all of the country’s top tourist destinations.

There are a lot of activities that may be done on a Rwanda safari tour or Rwanda tour. Three fantastic Rwanda national parks that are home to spectacular wildlife species that many tourists would love to discover are boasted of by Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, which is home to some of the last remaining endangered gorilla species, is the country’s largest and most popular national park. As many visitors arrive in the nation to partake in the gorilla trekking experience/Rwanda gorilla trekking, mountain gorillas are one of the most popular attractions in Rwanda. The Dian Fossey cemetery and research facility are among the other highlights of Volcanoes National Park. She was an American primatologist who believed gorillas would coexist with humans and protected them. You may also go trekking with golden monkeys at Volcanoes National Park, which is a fantastic experience.

Adventures in Rwanda are a lifetime safari activity that you can hardly forget. Lets create these memories for you in the best way possible

Discover Tanzania Safaris Tours

Tanzania safaris, Tanzania tours, and Tanzania wildlife safaris offer a breathtaking exhibition of the country’s natural splendor, which is showcased through a variety of activities carried out in various locations throughout Tanzania. Arusha National Park is close to Arusha Town, Serengeti National Park is famous for the annual wildebeest migration, which sees many wildebeest cross from Tanzania to Kenya through the Mara River, and Mount Kilimanjaro is another fantastic adventure. Ngorongoro Crater, another spotless location that exudes beauty Visit the lake Manyara, another animal display, in Tarangire National Park, which is famous for its unusual tree-climbing lions.

Traveling to the coast makes Tanzania tours and vacations even more interesting because there are beautiful white sand beaches with blue water that are also great vacation spots. As you continue on to Zanzibar, however, a whole new world of experiences that involve amazing activities while interacting with the locals and their culture, experiencing the spice islands, white sand beaches, and other things opens up. 

Wildlife Adventures in Tanzania are a lifetime safari activity that you can hardly forget. Lets create these memories for you in the best way possible


4 Days Serengeti N.P and Ngorongoro Safari


5 days Tarangire N.P, Ngorongoro N.P& Serengeti N.P


6 Days Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Manyara & serengeti


7 Days Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Manyara & serengeti


7 Days Mountain Kilimanjaro National Park wildlife & Hiking

The African wildlife. Beautiful view of Lake in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania.

10 Days Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Manyara & serengeti


10 Days Mount Kilimanjaro Hike & Serengeti Wildlife Safari

Discover Kenya Safaris Tours

For many tourists who want to experience the magnificence Kenya has to offer, Kenya tours, Kenya safaris, and Kenya holidays are the stuff of dreams. Kenya is blessed with a variety of attractions, including Kenya national parks and reserves, mountains, forests, lakes, and a long stretch of coastline with several beaches and stunning marine features that have occasionally drawn a sizable number of tourists from both abroad and within the country. The incredible African safari, which takes place in several national parks throughout Kenya, is among the most well-liked activities to be engaged in while on Kenya tours, Kenya safaris, or Kenya holidays

Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East and West National Park, Aberdare National Park, Samburu National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Mount Kenya are some of the other popular Kenya safari destinationsThe Maasai Mara National Reserve is famous for the great wildebeest migration, well  known event that sees several wildebeest cross over from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park to Kenya’s Masai Mara.

Wildlife Adventures in Kenya are a lifetime safari activity that you can hardly forget. Lets create these memories for you in the best way possible

Discover Africa Safaris Tour Destinations

Gorilla Trekking , Wildlife , Chimpanzee Trekking , Mountain Climbing, Birding
Gorilla Trekking , Wildlife , Chimpanzee Trekking , Hiking, Birding
Gorilla Trekking , Wildlife Safaris , Hiking Safaris, Birding Safaris
Wildlife Safaris, Mountain Climbing , Birding Safaris
Wildlife Safaris, Mountain Climbing , Birding Safaris

Bespoke Safari Tour Experiences

Discover Africa Safaris Tours has always cherished African adventure travel. There is something about visiting a new Destination, culture, or environment – be it a mountain range or jungle Forests.

Discover Iconic Experiences

Gorilla Trekking

Bwindi N.P , Mgahinga N.P, Volcanoes N.P

Chimpanzee Tracking

Kibale N.P , Nyungwe Forest N.P

Wildlife Viewing

Uganda National Parks

Mountain Hiking

Mt. Rwenzori, Mt. Elgon

Bird Watching

Uganda National Parks


Cultural Tours

Bwindi N.P , Mgahinga N.P, Volcanoes N.P

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