Uganda Cycling Tours

Uganda Cycling Tours : Cycling safaris in Uganda and Rwanda offer visitors amazing up-close and personal encounters with nature. They are distinctive and exciting safari experiences. Uganda and Rwanda are well-known East African safari locations popular for a range of safaris including cycling tours, gorilla trekking tours, and wildlife tours, to name but a few. They are both located in East Africa in the equatorial region.

Groups of up to eight persons can go on extremely inclusive cycling tours in Uganda and Rwanda. Even so, you can go on a solo bike excursion in Uganda or Rwanda. Consult your tour operator if you’re thinking of taking a cycling trip to Uganda or Rwanda so they can add the trip to your itinerary and help you with all the preparations. During your cycling tour, all necessary equipment is provided, including bicycles, cycling gear, and water, among other things.

While on cycling tours to Uganda and Rwanda, have the chance to discover and learn about a variety of city suburbs, magnificent nature, including wildlife, rolling hills, and remarkable dense forests, as well as hospitable communities, and historical and cultural sites, among others.


Given that both Uganda and Rwanda are located in the Equatorial climate zone and have similar weather patterns throughout the year, the dry seasons of June to September and December to February are the best times to travel to these captivating safari destinations. At this time of year, cycling routes are dry and accessible, and the low vegetation allows for clear views. However, make an effort to pack warm clothing for the chilly and rainy days and nights if you intend to go cycling in Uganda and Rwanda during the wet season.


In Uganda, there are many different bicycle excursions available, from a short 1-day tour of Kampala, the country’s dynamic capital, to a 10-day trek across Western Uganda for seasoned mountain bikers. Every location in Uganda offers a unique cycling experience thanks to its more than 150 biking routes, and the best cycling trails in Uganda include;

Kampala Cycling Tour

Kampala is a location for exhilarating bike adventures and is close to the lovely Lake Victoria. The city is perched on a number of hills that are home to opulent suburbs, well-kept streets, tall structures, and noteworthy historical and cultural attractions, among other things. Kampala cycle tours provide a variety of cycling routes; you can select one that passes through the city’s commercial district to visit the Gadhafi Mosque, the Kabaka’s palace, the Namugongo Martyrs Shrine, schools, universities, and other locations.

However, the Lake Victoria shoreline cycling trail is the one that is most frequently used in Kampala. Enjoy riding along the greatest routes while taking in the scenery and meeting the locals around 30 minutes outside of the busy metropolis. You can even travel to some islands, including the Ssese Islands, where ferry rides are enjoyable. The best cycling excursions in Kampala are great for all levels of cyclists, including beginners. The routes are well-known, and the city boasts challenging climbs and trails that will add excitement to your cycling vacation. Depending on your interests, Kampala cycling trips can last a day or two. Ssezibwa Falls at Mukono, Kalangala Island on Lake Victoria, and other locations can also be seen on bike trips in Kampala.

Cycling Tour of Lake Mburo

For those who want to pedal among animals and experience real game viewing, cycling tours in Lake Mburo National Park are the perfect choice. A small savannah national park called Lake Mburo is situated in western Uganda’s Kiruhura district. In addition to having the greatest concentrations of zebras and impalas in the nation, the park is also home to a wide variety of other animals and bird species, including giraffes, elephants, elands, topis, buffaloes, leopards, hippos, crocodiles, and many others.

2 to 3 day guided cycling trips are available in Lake Mburo, and they provide bikers with breathtaking rides across the park’s various landscapes and a wealth of species to discover. Several well-maintained cycling trails in Lake Mburo National Park lead visitors through the park’s breathtaking savannah plains, forested hills, and swampy valleys. These trails are accompanied by knowledgeable safari guides and armed rangers to keep you safe from predators. Depending on your interests, cycling excursions can be arranged to Lake Mburo National Park.

Cycling Tours in Bwindi

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is a focal point for exploratory mountain biking tours in addition to providing “once-in-a-lifetime” safari encounters with the threatened mountain gorillas. Bwindi, which is in the Kanungu area of southwest Uganda, runs bicycle excursions under the direction of “Ride for a Woman Uganda.” This women’s group supports the female members of the group and the local community at large; renting a bike is one way to achieve this.

Riders will discover a 13-kilometer trail that starts at the Park Headquarters in the Buhoma sector and meanders via a certified pathway while on cycling excursions in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. The path ascends to the Ntebeko village in the southern section of Nkuringo by way of the Ivy River. The Bwindi cycling tour is coordinated by Ride for a Woman or Buhoma Rest Camp, and it frequently begins in the morning.

The 4- to 7-hour biking tour will give you the chance to see Bwindi’s dense vegetation, animals like mountain gorillas, bushbucks, waterbucks, bush pigs, red-tailed monkeys, olive baboons, and forest birds, as well as the daily activities of the Bakiga residents.

Tour on bicycle around Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi, situated in the Kabale area, is a stunning location for exciting Uganda bicycle excursions. Riders can ride downward to the lake and take in the stunning view as it is surrounded by lovely terraced hills. The deepest lake in Uganda is called Lake Bunyonyi, and it is ringed by rich vegetation and picturesque islands. The lake offers breathtaking vistas of terraced hills, a wide variety of colorful birds, friendly locals, and cozy safari lodges.

Kibale Forest National Park bicycle tour

Also unrivaled are Uganda cycling tours in Kibale Forest National Park! The primate capital of the world, which is situated in western Uganda, is home to much more than just chimpanzees and monkeys. Get the chance to travel the top-of-the-world route and see the five explosion crater lakes, depending on your level of physical fitness. Cycling excursions in Kibale Forest National Park will also provide you the chance to see a wide range of animals, including chimpanzees, olive baboons, red colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, and many other primates, as well as birds like turacos, weaverbirds, and the Green Breasted Pitta.

Uganda Cycling Tours
Kibale Forest National Park bicycle tour

In order to understand the way of life of the indigenous people who live close to the park, you will also cycle through the nearby communities. Bikes can be rented at the majority of the park’s lodges.A tour of Mount Elgon by bicycle

The most beautiful areas of eastern Uganda are covered on this bicycle tour. One of the best sites in Uganda to do mountain biking and hiking is Mount Elgon. The spectacular Sipi Falls and Mount Elgon National Park can be found on the mountain. The Sipi commercial hub and Chema Hill in Kapchorwa are connected by a number of well-maintained bicycle trails. This hike, which lasts about an hour and a half, provides views of several Sipi waterfalls as well as the vast Karamoja plains. The Sipi River Lodge has bicycles for rent.


It’s possible that Uganda won’t have many new, high-quality bicycles available; as a result, attempt to bring one. You must first negotiate it with your airline, as some are more accommodating than others when it comes to transporting bicycles. Nevertheless, you can purchase a sturdy used bicycle for around $70 from a few reliable dealers in the city.

In Uganda, motorized vehicles frequently treat bicycles as if they didn’t exist on the road; in some cases, they even compel the terrified riders to make an unexpected detour off the road, resulting in a fatal fall. Make sure you have a helmet and any other necessary safety gear with you while cycling through Uganda in situations like this.

Finally, the majority of Uganda’s highways are typically in good condition. If you’re traveling by public transportation, buses will allow you to transport your bike on the roof for an additional fee. However, the condition of the smaller roads varies and is frequently compromised during the rainy season.

Additionally, when planning a cycling tour of Uganda, keep in mind that there are numerous risks that bikers must watch out for on African roads, including speeding buses and other private vehicles.

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